Facing the challenge

MAICOM has come up with software solutions (EASY-MPD editor and EASY-MPD validator) that allow companies to immediately start with the collection of XEVMPD data for their products: Maicom’s XEVMPD editor not only “knows about” the complex data structure that is behind XEVMPD, but has efficient data entry features, like constrained picklists that take account of interrelationships with an associated concept, or lookahead typing functionalities that propose given text terms, controlled vocabularies etc.

Reflecting the differing requirements throughout the market, the solution may be made available in the cloud, with or without an integrated database, storing the data in a GxP cloud or on the local company storage. For situations, where interfaces to existing databases need to be established,or into which existing product information will be migrated from some other existing systems will be migrated, we recommend to use our database version. This is the way to go for companies with a large number of products, globally distributed product information and/or internal databases that need to be integrated by means of interfacing or migration.

Also this solution can be made available through a GxP cloud or on your own premises. The database solution features check-in/ check-out functionalities to allow multi-user capability and synchronization, validation against the EMA business rules and an integrated submission gateway.

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